Witch i Love Your World!

Organic Beauty Meets Aromatherapy

Hair Health Meets Aromatherapy 

So Good, It Must Be Magic! 


“It’s EDM for people who don’t like EDM.”

-Robert California

Music made by our magician Zack to be the zackground music to your passion + life flourishing!

Before Witch was officially our company baby, Zack and I were just two kids in love, in a band for many years in LA, New York and then later the Gulf Coast — and music is still one of our favorite parts of life! It has evolved in many ways over the years, from different instruments to different genres, but the constant remains that we are always trying to make some kind of music in this life. Our very first band together, Zack and I almost named it “Same Haircut” because our hair was the same length, but thankfully we didn’t. Our bands have gone through many chapters, with lots of horrible names and moody band pics, but now, our music has evolved into Zackground Tracks, and we love sharing them with you.

This instrumental music is created just for you, with no words to influence your creativity or thoughts, just a moving source of music energy to flow your life, dreams and work to! We are here to help you turn your life into a music video.

There are even some sleepy jams to relax and drift off to, because sleep is hard sometimes.

Required Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, nor have they legally stated that they even believe in magic. But we still think we could make their hair awesome anyways. All ingredients used are USDA Certified Organic and listed on this site. Not created for internal use, keep away from eyes - DO NOT EAT. Store in a cool, dry place. Best within 3 months. Never tested on animals, only on people.