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Organic Beauty Meets Aromatherapy

Hair Health Meets Aromatherapy 

So Good, It Must Be Magic! 

Here are some YouTube videos with our Magic Mist! We even have our own YouTube channel - Witch i Love Your Hair!  - where we are silly, but also very into healthy hair.

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Here's a video from our YouTube channel,  with me using our Witchy Hair Magic with my favorite gel, BounceCurl! 


And here are some more  videos of amazing Witches loving on our magic! Some of these Hair Gurus have been my favorites for YEARS, so it's pretty surreal to see them holding and loving a bottle of our Magic!! I definitely don't watch and watch and rewatch these all. the. time..... yes i do. 

And there are so many more!

Search on YouTube + Instagram for us, and you'll get to see  all different hair types, all using the same product!  It's Magic! 

Required Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, nor have they legally stated that they even believe in magic. But we still think we could make their hair awesome anyways. All ingredients used are USDA Certified Organic and listed on this site. Not created for internal use, keep away from eyes - DO NOT EAT. Store in a cool, dry place. Best within 3 months. Never tested on animals, only on people.