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Gorgeous and inspirational beauty Heather Hoffman (@headd + @holisticheather_) took her bottle of Witch to the Brazilian Jungles and still rocked her stunning curls!! So happy to see her looking so radiant!



Stunning @samanthastrom, one half of the duo that runs the incredible company @chasinunicorns, loved Witch so much, they were kind enough to feature Witch on their blog with a review <3 - definitely an incredibly great day when I got to read it! Witch works for all hair textures, from Sam's straight but lusciously voluminous strands, to Jo's curly awesome mane!


My friend/hair angel Ardis is featured here with not just Witch I Love Your Hair as the styling product, but she also let me cut some of her bleach damage off!! Her curls reacted with a literal parade down her scalp of beautiful curls. People, natural, HEALTHY hair is already everything you've ever wanted, let me help reveal that to you.



Check out our review on @chasinunicorns amazing blog!



Lots of parents have been reaching out, like @heretotakeupspace, about how their kid's precious strands react so well to Witch. It helps to detangle, calm hair, refresh instead of fully wash, get them smelling awesome after being outside in play, or even just help reset natural hair patterns - like waves or curls. Seeing Witch become a family affair has been so amazing!!



Look at @k.e.g.w.i.t.c.h rocking those curls and freckles and eyes! Loved seeing her witchy results <3


I love seeing this kind of natural hair pattern come to life!! Wow!



@danivee1499 loved her results so much, that she bought some for her mom Karyn - only to have her mom embrace her natural hair for the first time in years! She was a constant heat user and product lover, and styled with only Witch, she cut down on her getting ready time, and got to flaunt and love her natural waves!!



@daniidazee is loving Witch for her long, awesome hair!! Witch's super power lies in the ability to give hair just enough moisture to be its best self, but not enough to weigh it down! It works for all hair types because of this, and I love seeing her results!



Look at the tight, springy, but soft ringlet curls of @alliegetswell !! Her results are so lovely! She used Witch to scrunch out the cast of her gel as well, one of my favorite uses of Witch, too!



Loved seeing radiant @kailyn_willis telling her peeps about Witch!!

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Always based in self love, and support of other awesome people!                           


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Required Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, nor have they legally stated that they even believe in magic. But we still think we could make their hair awesome anyways. All ingredients used are USDA Certified Organic and listed on this site. Not created for internal use, keep away from eyes - DO NOT EAT. Store in a cool, dry place. Best within 3 months. Never tested on animals, only on people.