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So Good, It Must Be Magic! 

:Wash instructions:

Hi! If you have never heard the word SULFATES or SILICONES, this is the page for you. This spray will work its best (as will most natural hair products) if it is not used in conjunction with sulfates or silicones. Sulfates strip hair of all healthy oil and cause insane frizz and breakage, but silicones come in and act like a plastic mask on top of the hair to pretend is okay under there. No moisture gets in or out. Those ingredients damage and mask hair so heavily, the healing ingredients in this Mist won't even make it to the hair shaft.

I recommend sulfate-free shampoos, low-poos, or no-poo co-washes (washing with a cleansing conditioner), and always silicone-free conditioners (and deep conditioners!!). If all of these words are very new territory for you, look up "naturally curly hair routine" or "natural hair routine" on YouTube and get ready to be flooded with a million awesome videos of people taking back their hair! Many have realized that large commercial companies are basically selling us dish detergent and calling it shampoo - and there is so much available knowledge out there!  I have lost countless hours to natural hair videos, they are my favorite and I love them. 

One of my favorites ever is CurlyPenny. She is an AMAZING YouTuber who really was a huge impact on me and my natural hair journey. Check her out for some serious knowledge. 

I currently use or approve all Shea Moisture, BounceCurl, Cantu and DevaCurl shampoos, conditioners, creams and gels. There are many other brands to explore but these are my personal favorite. Please experiment and enjoy - just free your hair from the sulfate-silicone cycle! <3

Required Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, nor have they legally stated that they even believe in magic. But we still think we could make their hair awesome anyways. All ingredients used are USDA Certified Organic and listed on this site. Not created for internal use, keep away from eyes - DO NOT EAT. Store in a cool, dry place. Best within 3 months. Never tested on animals, only on people.