Witch i Love Your Hair!

Hair Health Meets Aromatherapy

Hair Health Meets Aromatherapy 

So Good, It Must Be Magic! 


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Witch i Love Your Yoga - Magical Mat Cleanser - Because you're going to put your face on that thing.

Our yoga mats and workout areas are hopefully where we get a good sweat on, but they are also then gross. And sweaty. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean, what if there was a way to disinfect your sweat station with zero chemicals, and also bring in scientifically documented aromatherapy benefits for your body and mind, and can there be crystals involved?!

Yes. There is a way.

Our Magical Mat Cleanser can be used on yoga mats, workout equipment, your face, body, and the air around you!

We utilize White Grapefruit to disinfect, and harness its powerhouse ability to lift your mood and balance out your metabolism.

We use Rose Essence to absorb the highest frequency of every oil possible (seriously, it's pretty phenomenal under a microscope!) and let that become part of your internal frequency - like a tuning fork finding  a note by vibration, it will LITERALLY raise your vibes up.

Peppermint oil helps to disinfect in a major way, while also awakening your nervous system and accelerating your body's ability to use your brain's muscle memory! It genuinely helps you perform better mentally and physically.

And finally, Lavender oil comes in as an all out adaptogen - that means it delivers whatever benefits your brain and nervous system need the most, depending on what you need that day. It can revive or relax you, and will allow you to tap into your inner world easily!

Using scents, essential oils, and crystals before and after yoga/movement has been a practice of magic for years. We are simply bringing all those benefits to you in one kit, with our own special magic and energy to help you access all the power that your inner world and nervous system have to offer you! 

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This kit comes with a full size bottle, as well as a Yoga Mini to take with you on the go. 






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