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Hi! My name is Brigette Dean, once Brigette Davidovici before I was married and knew how to style my curly hair. That's me, with a three year natural hair journey (still growing and changing!) It is also the beginning of how I started brewing Witch i Love Your Hair in my kitchen for myself, out of necessity to contain the craziness that is my natural hair. But allow me to go back to the beginning. 

I lived and acted in Hollywood, CA for 3 years, and the societal desire to be perfect worsened for me there. I agreed and listened to standards that told me many things, including that my hair wasn't silky enough. I bought EVERY SINGLE hair product I could find that promised definition, shine, or even the ability to get rid of my curly, crazy hair and give me straight strands. Needless to say, I spent most of my life at war with the body and hair I was given, instead of loving it and embracing it.

One of the main things that attributed to my pain was these major cosmetic companies receiving constant gain on keeping me (and all women) stuck with "problems,"  things that needed expensive products to fix them. They're sneaky though. A lot of these products were CAUSING and CONTRIBUTING to my "problem" areas, instead of fixing it. Silicone and chemical-ridden hair products were creating frizz and breakage to KEEP me buying anti-frizz and breakage products. It is truly a vicious (but corporately profitable) cycle!

Two years ago I decided to fight back, in the most peaceful way I could think of. I decided to love myself exactly as I am, and to only use things on my body and hair that I would find in nature. To me, that would be something that was nourishing and meant for me to use, and I would need no more insane chemicals to drastically alter myself from my natural appearance. I even quit living in Hollywood (and quit pursuing that particular venue of creativity and performance) and removed myself to New York  to mentally heal. The hardest part of this transition wasn't loving my face without make up (that was easy mainly because I didn't have any mascara to take off at night! HEAVEN!!) on my serious self love journey. The hardest part was caring for my damaged hair. 

My hair was like an enemy to me! I didn't know her, she didn't know me, she didn't want to listen to anything I had to say and it wasn't looking great. To soothe my natural curly hair, I looked up as much info as I could on natural hair care. I found five unbelievable power house ingredients and began using them. I always loved the ideas of witchy women, connected to nature and being impossibly powerful. Mixing all my essential oils together for my hair concoction felt magical and exciting. Imagine my amazement when this mixture made my hair LEGIT GORGEOUS. It was so lightweight (there are no heavy creams or shea butter like many curly hair products have), it was so nourishing, it retained my curl, remoisturized my hair constantly, smelled amazing, and it stimulated the fastest hair growth I had ever experienced!

But how to get the oils and the mixture together every time? Everyone has heard the saying, “oil and water do not mix.” It's precisely because of this that many companies utilize harsh chemicals in an effort to dilute oils into their water-based solutions. This happens particularly in the hair-care industry, where products are sometimes comprised of upwards of 90% water for optimum moisture for hair. Even “natural”  brands use water-soluble silicones and other “gentle” chemicals/additives to offer the benefits of oil in a mixture that is mainly water, and therefore inhospitable.

I realized, however, that instead of chemicals, we could use real Quartz crystal chips inside the bottle itself to create a vigorous shake aid, and therefore eliminate the need for any dilution chemicals, at all!!! The crystal agitators would both infuse the mixture with the crystals, as well as help to disperse an even ratio of oil and essential oil mixture with every spray. The actual (all Organic) ingredients of Witch are also magical in properties; beneficial for hair, skin, and even internal energy like our nervous systems. This internal gift is available because we make Witch with Therapeutic Grade essential oils. The power of Essential Oils is not unknown, but using them without dangerous chemicals does seem to be unknown.

It was a true epiphany.

Without damaging shampoo and conditioners laden with chemicals and sulfates, without weird chemicals (so harsh that companies  need to torture animals to see if it will kill humans), without hair styling products dripping with silicone .... my natural hair was beautiful!! I mean, there was still heat and dye damage to grow out, but the behavior and texture of my hair was so happy to be given great ingredients and pure love. 

I looked at my shelf with literally hundreds of dollars worth of hair products and I realized I was free. Yes, even my  "natural" hair products had a least one chemical name I couldn't pronounce. I used Witch i Love Your Hair on daily basis, and my hair kept responding so well! I became known for my long curly hair (which is so crazy to think about, it used to be a straightened bob!!) and people kept asking me what I use. I bottled up little versions of the potion for all my close friends until one day, I realized, this stuff works for everyone. For every hair type. Because everyone's hair responds to all organic, pure essential oils and care.  Now, that's Magic., hand mixed for you by someone who really means it.

I want every girl, woman, man, human being to feel great in their hair. I want every one of us to walk around with a smile on our face out of the happiness we feel to simply inhabite our bodies. I want people to be amazed how easy and simple life actually is in terms of beauty, so they can feel great and expend all that mental energy on what they are passionate about. If you would like to join the Witch family, I welcome you with open arms. Give our Magic a try, let me know what you think, and take back your natural beauty!!!! Post any before and after pictures to our Instagram (#witchiloveyourhair) and I would be happy to feature you and share your story so we may all benefit!!

May all beings everywhere have happy, healthy hair <3

Required Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, nor have they legally stated that they even believe in magic. But we still think we could make their hair awesome anyways. All ingredients used are USDA Certified Organic and listed on this site. Not created for internal use, keep away from eyes - DO NOT EAT. Store in a cool, dry place. Best within 3 months. Never tested on animals, only on people.